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Citizens & Scholars fosters future generations of informed, engaged, hopeful citizens who reflect the diversity of our democracy. We leverage and connect Fellows in our vast networks in the continued creation of a diverse knowledge base and fostering of a robust exchange of ideas.

Each Fellowship program is a part of a long tradition of Citizens & Scholars investing in the best and brightest people and ideas. We offer a variety of Fellowships for leaders and scholars across multiple disciplines.

Each program has its own eligibility requirements. Fellowship programs typically recruit once a year and provide funding to individuals, institutions, or organizations.

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Fellowship Programs by Focus Area

Fellowships for Young Leaders

Citizens & Scholars offers one youth leader Fellowship for young people under the age of 24.

Fellowships for Faculty

Citizens & Scholars offers three Fellowships for Faculty at the college or university level.

Fellowships for Graduate Students

Citizens & Scholars offers four Fellowships for Graduate Students

Journalism Fellowships

Citizens & Scholars has one Fellowship for journalists to fund a reporting project.

Policy Fellowships

Citizens & Scholars has multiple policy Fellowships that provide opportunities for leaders to come together to pilot solutions.

Dissertation Fellowships

Citizens & Scholars has numerous dissertation Fellowships to support the research and completion of Ph.D. study.

Research Fellowships

Citizens & Scholars provides funding and support for a range of fields and projects through its research Fellowships

Fellowship Programs by Issue Area

Democracy Fellowships

Citizens & Scholars offers two democracy Fellowships to young people and adult leaders.


Teaching Fellowships

Citizens & Scholars offers teaching Fellowships to support college and university level faculty and those seeking master’s degrees in education.


Humanities & Social Sciences Fellowships

Citizens & Scholars offers multiple Fellowships for graduate students and faculty specializing in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

Woman speaking into a microphone on a research panel

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Fellowship?

    A Fellowship provides funding for a specific project or work focus. In higher education, fellowship programs typically provide funding in the form of stipends for a graduate student or faculty member pursuing specific research. The fellowship may last six months, a year, or more. Fellowships also grant funding to individuals or organizations outside of education. These fellowships may fund professional development or the completion of a community project. In most cases, fellowship funds are used to allow people to dedicate time and resources to a specific pursuit that they might not otherwise be able to so that they might complete the project or research and gain valuable experience applicable to their work.

  • Why does Citizens & Scholars offer Fellowship Programs?

    Citizens & Scholars identifies and supports promising individuals through its Fellowship Programs. By providing dedicated time and resources to Fellows, Citizens & Scholars is ensuring Fellows are able to complete their work and bring their individual perspectives to their fields. Fellowship programs often serve as an accelerator to the Fellow’s career and they go on to contribute greatly to their fields of study and to society as a whole. By supporting a range of individuals across sectors and areas of focus, C&S is supporting the entire system that supports the development of productively engaged citizens.

  • How do I apply for a Fellowship Program?

    Fellowship program applications each happen on a cycle specific to that program. All C&S Fellowship program applications are available online through their Fellowship page. To apply for a Fellowship program, visit that Fellowship’s webpage for more information and a link to the online application. Each program has specific eligibility and application requirements. Fellowships typically accept applications once a year. If you would like to receive an update when Fellowship applications open, please join our newsletter here.

  • What does a Fellowship fund?

    Fellowships fund different areas of work based on the goals of the program. Some Fellowship programs provide living stipends for completing studies. Other programs provide funding for research related expenses. Others fund professional development or volunteer opportunities. Each Fellowship program provides different levels of funding based on the design and goals of the program.

  • Am I eligible for a Fellowship?

    Each Fellowship program has different eligibility requirements. More information on the individual requirements of each Fellowship program can be found on their webpage. Citizens & Scholars offers Fellowships for Youth Leaders, Fellowships for Business and Policy Leaders, and Fellowships for Scholars and Education Leaders. You can learn more about each category’s offerings and the specific requirements for each program on their webpages.