Career Enhancement Fellowship

More Diverse Campus Perspectives

The Career Enhancement Fellows are exceptional scholars whose work broadens the range of perspectives and understandings offered on college campuses and creates opportunities for crucial new scholarly voices to be heard in disciplines and institutions. Fellows are outstanding junior faculty committed to campus diversity and innovative research in the humanities and humanistic social sciences. Through the program, Fellows build a diverse academic community and system of support as they pursue careers as university faculty and administrators.

The program is funded by the Mellon Foundation and supports scholars working in the arts and humanities. Fellows receive stipends up to $35,000, funding for travel and research, and attend a retreat to connect with other scholars and mentors.



Diverse perspectives have been historically excluded from higher education


235 Fellows have gained tenure, 44 Fellows have been promoted to full professor, and at least 13 hold joint academic and administrative positions as deans, provosts, and Vice Presidents


Young adults have increased access to a diversity of perspectives and deepen their understanding of people of all backgrounds

“Now you have the beginnings of a critical mass [of faculty] …who have really been nurtured and networked through this program. I wouldn’t even be in the academy if it weren’t for these programs and I certainly wouldn’t have thrived.”

Ben Vinson III, 2001 Fellow
Ben Vinson III, 2001 Fellow President, Howard University

Expanding Perspectives

Programs like the Career Enhancement Fellowship and others at C&S support scholars committed to eradicating disparities in their fields. The Career Enhancement Fellowship seeks to increase the presence of underrepresented junior and other faculty members in the humanities, social sciences, and arts by creating career development opportunities for selected Fellows with promising research projects.

Featured Career Enhancement Fellows

Erica Armstrong Dunbar

Erica Armstrong Dunbar

Monica Muñoz Martinez

Monica Muñoz Martinez

MacArthur Fellow

Salamishah Tillet

Salamishah Tillet

Contributing Critic at Large, The New York Times; Pulitzer Prize Winner in Criticism

Career Development for Junior Faculty


Administered at Citizens & Scholars since 2001, the Career Enhancement Fellowship has supported more than 400 junior faculty members, creating a robust network of scholars committed to eradicating racial disparities in core fields in the arts and humanities. Fellows have gone on to serve in administrative and leadership roles, receive high honors like MacArthur Fellowships, and teach new generations of students.

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