For Young People

We provide direct services and funding to youth leaders under 24 years of age, inside and outside the classroom. Our programs build their knowledge of civics, critical thinking skills and use of voice, concern for the welfare of others, commitment to bridge-building, participation in civic affairs, and duty to their country.

Youth Civic Impact Fellowship

Youth Civic Impact Fellows are young people seeking to develop the skills and confidence needed to become future civic leaders.

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Civic Spring Fellowship

Civic Spring Fellows are young people ages 14-24 or members of youth-centered organizations who are working on projects that address a local community need.

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Diverse Leaders Crossing Divides

We invest in the most promising people across the left, right, and center who have the potential to effect transformative civic change.

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27,000 Fellows

Our Fellow community includes 16 Nobel Laureates, 21 Pulitzer Prize recipients, 27 Presidential and National Medalists, 44 MacArthur “Genius Grant” recipients, and more than 100 college and university presidents.

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