New Ideas Shaping a More Perfect Union

In this urgent moment for the nation, we can strengthen democracy—together. In Preamble, Citizens & Scholars president Raj Vinnakota sits down for 15-minute conversations with diverse thought leaders—across traditional divides—on the new ideas shaping a more perfect Union.  

From big ideas to small steps, Preamble dives deeper than partisan headlines to offer innovative, nuanced, and thought-provoking solutions for strengthening democracy.

No. 1: Condoleezza Rice

Raj talks with Condoleezza Rice, former Secretary of State and current director of the Hoover Institute at Stanford University, about the role of higher education in preparing effective citizens and how civic education and civic learning must expand to include a fuller range of perspectives.


No. 2: Jason Grumet

Raj sits down with Jason Grumet, co-founder and immediate past president of the Bipartisan Policy Center and CEO of the American Clean Power Association, to talk about the power of compromise and what is and isn’t working in the U.S. Government. 


No. 3: Roslyn Clark Artis & Jonathan Holloway

Raj hosts a conversation with Roslyn Clark Artis, president of Benedict College in South Carolina, and Jonathan Holloway, president of Rutgers University in New Jersey. They discuss the role of higher education in strengthening democracy and efforts on their individual campuses to develop young people into effective citizens. 


We are educating a mountain of people and we are laying the groundwork for their future improvements, their family’s future improvements, and we’re laying the foundation for their preservation of an idea, which is the democratic ideal.

Jonathan Holloway, Preamble No. 3

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