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As investors in the next generation since 1945, we believe today’s young people are particularly poised to strengthen democracy now and for the long haul. They need active institutional support and role models to unleash their full potential.

Here’s how we are cultivating a majority of young people to be civically well-informed, productively engaged, and committed to democracy:


Citizens & Scholars prepares 14–18-year-olds through fellowships, national community group partnerships, and online learning opportunities.

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Citizens & Scholars enables 18–24-year-olds through fellowships and partnerships with employers, policymakers, and college presidents.

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Citizens & Scholars accelerates the civic field through common measurement tools, shared vision, and collaboration across divides.

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Empowered Citizens, Effective Democracy

To unleash this generation’s civic potential, the time is now to support and cultivate young people as empowered citizens. Empowered citizens are civically well-informed, productively engaged, and committed to democracy.

  • Informed: Empowered citizens understand our government, our history, and the difference between fact and opinion.
  • Productive: Empowered citizens build common ground with others and take an active role in local and national decision making.
  • Committed: Empowered citizens are committed to democracy and willing to do the hard work to strengthen it.



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The Citizens & Scholars team brings experiences from Main Street to Wall Street and across the public, private, and philanthropic sectors.

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