College Presidents for Civic Preparedness

College Presidents for Civic Preparedness is a new initiative convened by the Institute for Citizens & Scholars. It brings together campus leaders who are urgently committed to preparing today’s young people for confident citizenship in our democracy. The initiative currently connects leaders from institutions of higher education across the country.

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Preparing Empowered Citizens 

Participants in College Presidents for Civic Preparedness bring different perspectives, with views that span the political spectrum. But these leaders are united by the shared understanding that civic preparedness must be at the heart of the academic experience and campus life. They all seek to provide students with meaningful civic education and opportunities to develop skills, habits, practices, and norms for living in a pluralistic society.

College campuses are among the most diverse spaces in our country. The value of higher education rests fundamentally on the practice of hearing, appreciating, and engaging with people and perspectives that vary widely. By preparing young people to participate in the public sphere, this initiative helps to uphold higher education as a public good that serves society and secures our democracy.  

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