For Leaders

We convene and incentivize private sector leaders, policymakers, journalists, and public sector leaders across the left, right, and center to craft practices, policies, and narratives that prioritize and measure youth civic development at the local and across the United States.

Brewer Fellowship to Unite America

The Brewer Fellows hail from political reform organizations working to heal America’s divisions and shore up our political system.

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Higher Education Media Fellowship

Higher Education Media Fellows are journalists interested in diving deeper into underreported issues in higher education.

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education and policy leaders in conversation around a table outside

Higher Education Policy Fellowship

Higher Education Policy Fellows are top-level state and university officials who unite to craft state educational policies that drive innovation in education.

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Diverse Leaders Crossing Divides

We invest in the most promising people across the left, right, and center who have the potential to effect transformative civic change.

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27,000 Fellows since 1945

Our Fellow community includes 16 Nobel Laureates, 21 Pulitzer Prize recipients, 27 Presidential and National Medalists, 44 MacArthur “Genius Grant” recipients, and more than 100 college and university presidents.

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