The Civic Learning Field

Citizens & Scholars is cultivating a majority of young people to be civically well-informed, productively engaged, and committed to democracy.

We accelerate the growth of the civic field through common measurement tools, shared vision, and collaboration across divides.

The Civic Outlook of Youth in America

First-of-its-kind national survey of 18–24-year-old Americans sheds light on their civic readiness.


Mapping Civic Measurement

Comprehensive civic measurement landscape review and a new framework for mapping civic readiness and opportunities.  


Fellow Network

Our networking opportunities for Fellows create connections that can spur new ideas and partnerships. 

The Challenge


Less than half of U.S. adults (47%) could name all three branches of government, down from 56% in 2021 and the first decline on this question since 2016.

The Solution

Empowered Citizens, Effective Democracy 

This is an urgent time for the nation and for democracy. We see a way forward in today’s young people, and we recognize that they are particularly poised to strengthen democracy now and for the long haul. 

Today’s 42 million 14–24-year-olds are entering the public square. They need support and partnership from older generations and institutions like Citizens & Scholars to achieve their ambitions. 

Investing in youth breaks the barriers of left versus right by focusing on values that unite us all, such as freedom of expression and a commitment to liberty and democracy. This approach opens new possibilities and can generate outsized returns for democracy. 

The Impact

By growing and galvanizing the civic learning field, Citizens & Scholars can:

  • Leverage the 400+ practitioners and organizations in the civic learning field to cultivate a critical mass of young adults as empowered citizens.