Youth Civic Impact Fellowship

Igniting the Potential of Young Leaders

Young people play a critical role in strengthening our democracy today and for the long haul. Youth Civic Impact Fellows are young people ages 14-24 who reside in Arizona or the city of Chicago and are seeking to develop the skills and confidence needed to become future civic leaders.


81% of young people say they believe they have the power to change the country. However, too many young people lack the opportunities and resources to engage in and lead meaningful change.


This inaugural cohort of the Youth Civic Impact Fellowship will comprise 10 young leaders from Arizona or the city of Chicago who will lead a community-based project and engage with a network of peers and mentors.


Young people gain civic knowledge and skills to lead in their communities, aiming to position them for both short-term civic impact and long-term transformational leadership.

About the Fellowship

Youth Civic Impact Fellows will join the Institute for Citizens & Scholars’ network of young adults who are passionate about civic engagement, well-informed about civic issues, and committed to democracy. Fellows are outstanding young individuals already active in their communities, aiming to level up their impact as effective civic leaders.

Fellows will refine their civic knowledge and skills while working on community projects that address immediate needs. They won’t be alone on this journey; they’ll have the support of a diverse team of coaches and experienced civic leaders from different generations. By the end of the Fellowship, these young adults will be well prepared to step up as community leaders and role models, offering fresh ideas and innovative solutions to local challenges, all while respecting everyone’s unique experiences, beliefs, and opinions.

Between the fall of 2023 and spring of 2024, Youth Civic Impact Fellows will participate in a series of critical learning experiences, engage in Community of Practice meetings, and receive coaching support from designated Youth Civic Impact Fellowship coaches.

Program Benefits

Funding: Fellows will receive $3,000 to support their work.

Cohort Opportunities: Fellows will meet regularly (bi-weekly) in facilitated Community of Practice sessions to learn, practice, and network.

Coaching & Mentorship: Fellows will be supported by a highly qualified Youth Civic Impact Coach. They will also be expected to find a community-based mentor to help with their project as part of the program.

Leadership Opportunities: Youth Civic Impact Fellows will practice leadership skills throughout the program and may be offered future roles within and beyond Citizens & Scholars. There will be additional opportunities to network with youth civic leaders, researchers, practitioners, organizations, and Fellows from the Citizens & Scholars community.

More About Youth Civic Impact Fellowship