Higher Ed Policy Fellowship

Bridging Fierce Debates

Leaders in higher education and the policymakers who work with them face many competing demands, but opportunities for administrators and policymakers to work through issues together at length are rare. Higher Ed Policy Fellows, selected by invitation only, are top-level state and university officials who unite to craft state educational policies that drive innovation in education. Fellows build state-based coalitions, engage with experts, and gather at symposia to develop shared projects and interests—from legislative ideas to strategic planning to student access strategies— that they can take back to their states.


Higher ed leaders and policymakers too often seem to be at cross purposes, hampering progress on urgent public needs.


49 top-level state and university officials from 12 states


Higher education leaders and policymakers get opportunities for constructive, shared problem-solving that builds bridges and leads to productive solutions.

The HEP Fellowship “fostered valuable collaboration between talented colleagues around a shared calling.”

2020 Fellow
2020 Fellow

Policy Highlights

Policies that have been developed through HEP discussions and brainstorming include:

  • Legislation to help align local community workforce needs with access to credentials and degrees
  • Strategic planning for access and enrollment in states with large rural populations
  • Legislation to ensure statewide financial aid supports and college attendance rates
  • Dual enrollment opportunities for high-need high school students at local colleges

I appreciate the time and space for us to step out of our local realities and get a better understanding of what’s happening across the country.”

Higher Ed Policy Fellow
Higher Ed Policy Fellow
The Higher Ed Policy Fellowship fosters trust-based collaboration between a network of informed top-level leaders who create thoughtful and innovative change in higher education and education policy.

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