Civic Learning Round-Up: January

January 30, 2023

In this series, Citizens & Scholars compiles the best recent articles, reports, and research from around the civic learning field. Stay up-to-date on the latest news, trends, and developments in efforts to build effective citizens. 

New Report: Can Online Civic Education Induce Democratic Citizenship?

In a recent article in the American Journal of Political Science, researchers sought to explore how democratic values and behaviors could be induced in new democracies. Using Tunisia as a case study, the team explores whether an online environment like Facebook and Instagram can provide a platform for civic education that strengthen democratic societies.

“Our findings indicate that civic education interventions provided through social media platforms can be an effective, and a far-reaching tool, for strengthening people’s commitments to democracy and their rejection of authoritarian rule,” said co-author Ericka Rascón Ramírez, MSc, Ph.D., of Middlesex University, in London.

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New C&S Report: Mapping Civic Measurement

On February 16, the Citizens & Scholars will release "Mapping Civic Measurement," a first-of-its kind civic measurement landscape review and analysis of existing literature, practices, and 200+ tools in use by the broader civic field and adjacent relevant disciplines.

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