Politically Disengaged Gen Z

The Civic Outlook of Young Adults in America is a first-of-its-kind national survey of 18–24-year-old Americans that sheds light on their civic knowledge, civic engagement, and commitment to democracy. Part of our multi-year research initiative to measure holistic youth civic preparedness in America, Citizens & Scholars commissioned Citizen Data to conduct a poll that surveyed 4,008 young adults across the country.

Zooming in on the Politically Disengaged Gen Z

61% of young adults do not identify with either major political party. Of those, 29% identify as independent, nonpartisan, or other party, and 33% are unsure or do not identify politically in any way. Only 22% identify as Democrat and 17% as Republican.

51% describe their ideology as at or near the ideological middle–moderate, somewhat conservative, or somewhat liberal. Only about one in four (27%) identifies as very conservative or very liberal.

66% state they are registered to vote, but only 48% of respondents intend to vote in the 2024 general election, significantly lower than the nationwide baseline of 68%.

Understanding this group’s political disengagement is a key part of activating Gen Z’s commitment to democracy​.

Snapshot: Politically Disengaged Gen Z [enlarge image]

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