Organization Information

Thanks to generous donations from the Maher Charitable Foundation, the Civic Spring Fellowship Summer 2024 Fellowship seeks to support two Fellowship Teams from organizations that support youth or independent teams located across the state of New Jersey.

Fellowship Teams from New Jersey organizations will include 4-5 youth (ages 14-24) plus a Team Lead or Co-Leads (ages 14 and above) who seek to address an immediate need in the community. The Fellowship award will provide a stipend of $1,800 directly to each Fellow and a $4,000 direct payment directly to the Team Lead (to be split if there are two co-leads). Fellows will also have access to $1,000 for reimbursable project costs.

This is an ideal opportunity for community, faith-based, regional, governmental, business, or other organizations interested in developing and sustaining meaningful youth engagement within their organizational structure. Project topics and proposals must be conceived of and written by the Fellowship Team and should align with the organization’s or entity’s mission and vision.

Over the nine-week program period, organizations will be challenged to work with their Fellowship teams to integrate and sustain the project model and/or elements of the project model beyond the program duration.

Organization-based teams should refer to the Fellowship Team Information page for more information. Organizations will be required to apply through the Team Lead application.