Looking Forward with Gen Z

Looking Forward With Gen Z, authored by the Walton Family Foundation and Murmuration, aims to add depth and detail to vital questions about how Gen Z sees their future, determines their values, and understands their expectations of public and private institutions.

The study, led by John Della Volpe and SocialSphere, polled young people age 15-25. The report presents findings related to identity and mental health, politics, government and other institutions, work and priorities, and education.

Overall, this report identified three important themes among Gen Z:

  • Family, Community, and Mental Health Come First
  • Institutions Are in Trouble, and Their Reputations are at Risk
  • It’s Time for a New Social Contract As Gen Z Charts a Different Course

The report provides insights and considerations for CEOs, political and government actors, academic champions, and other leaders and institutions as they look to work with Gen Z to chart a future.

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