Citizens & Scholars initiatives are partnerships, products, and platforms that complement our celebrated Fellowship programs. Created in our Civic Venture Accelerator or through strategic collaborations with leading organizations, our initiatives develop youth as effective, lifelong citizens at scale.

The Civic Network

New digital portal of self-directed learning experiences for American middle and high school-age learners from leading civic learning content providers. The Civic Network’s digital platform will be available to schools, libraries, afterschool programs, and other channels.

Leadership for Civic Preparedness in Higher Education

Series of projects and events with a range of leaders in higher education, diverse in institutional type and ideology, who believe that civic preparedness for the next generation is crucial to their work.

Civic Learning Measurement Initiative

Multi-year initiative to create a common knowledge base of credible evidence and practices that measure organization- and field-wide civic learning outcomes.

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Mapping Civic Measurement

Civic Narrative Change Initiative

Building a community of practice of narratives that create a long-term shift in hearts and minds to prioritize civic development as a core societal responsibility.

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Our portfolios support youth ages 14-23 to prioritize civic learning and participation inside and outside the classroom, at the workplace, and within the community.

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