Measuring Democracy: Exploring the Tools and Landscape of Civic Measurement

Civic Learning Week

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The Institute for Citizens and Scholars has released Mapping Civic Measurement: How Are We Assessing Readiness and Opportunities?, the product of a partnership with the Democracy Innovation project at NCoC. The report is a first-of-its kind civic measurement landscape review and analysis of existing literature, practices, and 200+ tools in use by the broader civic field.

During Civic Learning Week, join us to explore the report, dive into its findings, and hear more about important tools like NCoC’s Civic Health Index.


  • Dr. Joe Hoereth, Director of the Institute for Policy and Civic Engagement at the University of Illinois-Chicago
  • Jeff Coates, Director of Research and Evaluation at NCoC
  • Debi Ghate, President of Steadfast and Executive Fellow at the Institute for Citizens and Scholars

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