Civic Learning Round-Up: December

December 27, 2022

In this series, Citizens & Scholars compiles the best recent articles, reports, and research from around the civic learning field. Stay up-to-date on the latest news, trends, and developments in efforts to build effective citizens. 

New Report: Young Voters in 2022: Black and Non-College Youth Were Underrepresented

CIRCLE‘s analysis of 2022 exit poll data and population data highlights that white and college-educated youth remain overrepresented among midterm voters.

In their analysis,  they compare the demographics of young voters to the demographics of all young U.S. citizens ages 18-29.

The article highlights 4 key findings: 

  1. White youth were overrepresented among voters in 2022 and have been since 2006. In contrast, Black youth are consistently underrepresented among voters.
  2. That pattern is driven in large part by an overrepresentation of white women, who make up 27% of all citizens in that age group but 33% of the youth electorate, and an underrepresentation of Black men: 7% of young citizens but only 4% of young voters.
  3. Among and across all racial groups, youth who have not attended college were heavily underrepresented among voters in 2022.
  4. Many of these patterns of underrepresentation can be traced back to structural barriers and ongoing inequities in young people’s civic education and engagement.

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Preparing Tomorrow’s Voters, Today

C&S Fellow Molly McCullough, a recipient of a 2016 HistoryQuest Fellowship, used the game-based learning strategies she built as a Fellow when developing classroom activities around elections.

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