Rajiv Vinnakota & President Holloway: Rutgers University Seminar

September 21, 2023

President Jonathan Holloway welcomes Rajiv Vinnakota to the Rutgers campus for the first 2023 Byrne Seminar Citizenship, Institutions, and the Public. (photo credit: Rutgers University)


“Those 42 million of you who are entering the public square in the next decade, you’re going to determine what direction we go, and we have a tremendous opportunity to make sure that we go in the right way,” said Citizens & Scholars President Rajiv Vinnakota in conversation with Rutgers University President Jonathan Holloway. Vinnakota was a guest speaker for Holloway’s fall 2023 Byrne Seminar for first-year students, “Citizenship, Institutions, and the Public.”

Sharing his perspective on the importance of civic preparedness, promoting free expression on college campuses, and viewing higher education as a public good, Vinnakota encouraged students to engage across differences and put into practice the skills and disposition of a good citizen.

Watch the video below.

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