Valerie Van Selous

Development Associate

Citizens & Scholars

Valerie Van Selous is the Development Associate at the Institute for Citizens & Scholars where she provides support to the Development office.

Valerie has spent her career working in the nonprofit sector. She earned her BA and M.Ed. from Rutgers University.

Outside of work, Valerie enjoys time with family, reading, writing, and being outdoors. She serves as a literacy tutor, working with young people and adults to teach reading, writing, and comprehension skills. Valerie has also begun to volunteer for various local initiatives that focus on serving the food insecure.

“Adults, educators, nonprofit and political leaders who are working in their capacities to activate and mobilize the power of young people, many of whom are wired to think for themselves, to act, to demand justice.”

Valerie Van Selous
Valerie Van Selous What makes you optimistic about our democracy?


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