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Differing Measurement Approaches Need to be Coordinated to Understand Our Overall Progress

People across the large, diverse—and largely undefined—field can come together to create shared toolset and practices to monitor, measure, and evaluate the effectiveness of civic learning.

Making progress on civic measurement is not just a question of refining methodologies or marshalling resources. Diverse practitioners, researchers, and funders must also come together to network, share best practices, and co-create new ideas against the following shared goals:

  • Define citizenship and civic readiness sufficiently to speak across sectors, disciplines, and models
  • Evaluate the efficacy of the existing tools plotted to the Maps of Civic Measurement
  • Fill in gaps where measurement is lacking
  • Build bridges and relationships between individual civic readiness and civic infrastructure
  • Understand the influence and impact of equity on civic infrastructure

With these shared goals in mind, we have identified recommendations and an implementation roadmap. The shared path forward can be found in the full report.

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