Civic Education: The DNA of Democracy

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Indianapolis Public Library – Central Library

40 E St Clair St

Indianapolis, IN 46204


Women4Change Indiana convenes individuals and groups to improve the quality and quantity of civic learning in Indiana and equips citizens with the information needed to care for their communities in constructive ways that will enhance the State.

The 2022 Civic Education Conference will feature several speakers and workshops, including a keynote address by C&S President Raj Vinnakota, that offer in-depth conversations about civic learning and democratic engagement, focusing on four essential questions:

  • What are the key features of a thriving democracy?

  • What knowledge and skills do people need to help create and contribute to a thriving democracy?

  • How can we foster the acquisition and development of the knowledge and skills necessary for a thriving democracy?

  • How can we cultivate environments that support learning that enable a thriving democracy?

Raj will be delivering the keynote address, titled “Urgency and Optimism: The Case for Developing Engaged Citizens.” The full program can be viewed here.

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