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C&S Participates in Lights on Afterschool

Citizens & Scholars is proud to participate in Lights on Afterschool, an initiative by Afterschool Alliance.

We recognize the unique opportunity to leverage the out-of-school time space to help young people cultivate civic knowledge, skills, and dispositions, and interact with people from diverse backgrounds and beliefs in their communities. 

This past summer, C&S partnered with Civic Spring Project youth grantees from the Kentucky Student Voice Team (KSVT) to produce a set of tools that can be used by youth and adults in the out-of-school-time field.

During this year’s Lights on Afterschool event, we encourage participants to use the following resource to host an engaging dialogue with your team:

Intergenerational AssessmentIntergenerational Assessment: Where Are You Now & Where Do You Want to Go?

Use the assessment and conversation guide to periodically assess achievements and goals in each priority area when creating an intergenerational program or organization.


We’ll release new resources in November 2021. Join our email list to be one of the first to receive the resources and access to a special webinar.

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