WW Teaching Fellowship

Partner Universities

The WW Teaching Fellowship has partnered with 31 universities across Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania to prepare over 1,100 STEM teachers since 2008. Now in its final year recruiting in Pennsylvania, there are two partner universities to which candidates can apply. While the program of study varies by university, each university offers:

  • A master’s degree in a science or mathematics teaching area, redesigned in consultation with the Institute for Citizens & Scholars.
  • A rigorous, clinically-immersive curriculum with the goal of giving Fellows the best possible preparation for advancing student learning in middle- and high-school classrooms.


When applying to the program, candidates are asked to indicate their preference for which participating university they would like to attend as a WW Teaching Fellow. Some things to consider when choosing which university is a good fit for you:

  • Which areas of certification does your university of choice offer? Does the university offer a certification area that is of interest to you?
  • What is the tuition for a WW Fellow at the university you want to attend? How does it differ from the tuition for teacher candidates not enrolled in the Fellowship program?
  • What does the program look like at the university? What types of courses are offered at your university of choice?
  • What kind of support does each university offer Fellows?
  • How many credit hours are required to complete a master’s degree program? When does the program begin?
  • After the Fellowship, what does the university do to support WW Teaching Fellows in job placement? What is the process?


Many teacher preparation programs are comprised of traditional university coursework, with only brief exposure to a practicum—student teaching—at the end of the program. The Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship is designed to provide clinical immersion in the classroom experience from the beginning, along with content-rich courses that specifically prepare candidates to teach in their fields of expertise.

By offering clinical preparation in science and math classrooms prior to teacher certification and as part of the master’s degree program, the Fellowship enables new teachers to begin their teaching career with extensive practical experience.


Each university has a dedicated university faculty member/Program Director who oversees the Teaching Fellowship and works with Fellows to ensure their successful progress and growth, including the development of strong relationships with colleagues in the school(s) where Fellows prepare to be teachers. The university Program Director continues to work with Fellows once they earn their master’s degree, become certified teachers, and begin teaching full time, to help them transition to the classroom and address challenges in their work.


University of Pennsylvania

The Weiss Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellows will experience a 10-month teaching apprenticeship that provides authentic experiences learning to teach at the side of experienced classroom mentors. Apprentices in this program designed by Penn GSEPenn Engineering, and Penn’s School of Arts and Science enact practices that support student-centered, active learning and position learners in urban contexts as capable, curious, and creative.

Prospective teachers leave our program prepared to use the power of teaching to deepen student learning, transform schools, increase educational equity and move into leadership roles. Our program is guided by a commitment to diversity and equity; to use inquiry to examine the forces that shape contexts for teaching and learning; and a focus on practice and partnership in preparing to teach in urban schools and communities.


All Weiss Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellows will perform their apprenticeship in the School District of Philadelphia.


The estimated cost of tuition for Fellows at the University of Pennsylvania is $45,805* both for Pennsylvania residents and non-residents. Total reflects a 48% % tuition scholarship.

  • University of Pennsylvania Program Director
    Christopher Pupik Dean: cpu@upenn.edu

West Chester University

The College of Education and Social Work at West Chester University prepares highly-skilled and ethical professionals to become fair-minded critical thinkers and change agents who act with integrity in the pursuit of knowledge and strive for excellence in the field of education.

We foster a culture of reflection, evidenced-based practices, intellectual discourse, and respect for human diversity, empowering students to make a significant impact on the world. Our goal is to graduate leaders in the field of education who advance social justice and address the contemporary challenges of a global society. West Chester University began its storied history as a teachers college. Today, we remain committed to our original goals and pursue the highest standards of teacher education.

For more information about the program at WCU, click here.


WW Teaching Fellows attend class at West Chester’s Philadelphia campus and complete their clinical placement in the School District of Philadelphia (SDP).


The estimated cost of tuition for Fellows at the West Chester is $16,000.40* both for Pennsylvania residents and non-residents. Total reflects a 44% tuition scholarship.

* Note: Total cost reflects 2020-2021 tuition and fees. The rates shown above already reflect scholarship discounts. Estimated costs for 2021-2022 tuition and fees will be updated in early 2022.