Selection Information

Below is a list of guiding principles that will be used to make decisions about Fellowship awards. This is not the only tool used; additional aspects of the application will also be considered, including but not limited to location (i.e., urban, suburban, or rural) as well as diverse beliefs and lived experiences.

We are looking for Fellows who demonstrate the following characteristics:

Interest and Ability to Do the Work, including:

  • A well-described passion and/or desire to address a community issue or need aligned with one or more of the 2023 Civic Spring priority areas.
  • A vision for change.
  • A sense of potential obstacles to doing the work and options for overcoming them.
  • Demonstrated ability to reflect on and adapt to challenges and or roadblocks and persistence in working towards goals.

A Drive to Create Community Impact:

  • Clear and compelling reason for the proposed project and how it will impact the community or groups served.
  • Examples of the problem’s urgency and/or priority in the community (i.e., do others agree this is a problem or issue?)
  • Examples of first steps that might be taken.
  • Ways you plan to partner with others in your community.


  • Commitment to understanding the perspectives, opinions, and/or lived experiences of those with whom you disagree.
  • Commitment to CSF goals and priorities.


  • A general sense of activities that will make the project a success and an understanding of how to measure their success/impact (i.e., voter registration drive, community event, public service announcement)